Margaret Whitlam and Tammy Fraser chat.

Margaret Whitlam dies

Updated: 17 March 2012. 02:48:18 (EST)

Margaret Whitlam, one of Australia's most influential and well-loved prime minister's wives, has died at the age of 92. >more

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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on iview

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on iview

After a brutal murder at the docks, Phryne finds herself in the middle of the anarchists' movement and a bank robbery in search for the murderer.

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Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal (ABC TV - Good Game)

Review: Evil characters battle to the death in a sinister car combat tournament.

Pumpkin and chickpea curry

Pumpkin and chickpea curry (ABC Local)

A quick and flavoursome vegetarian curry that's perfect for winter.

Companions or slaves?

Pets (Thinkstock)

The way we treat our pets brings up a raft of ethical contradictions, says Anna Krien.

The bean bag

The bean bag (Thinkstock)

Designed in 1968, the simple bean bag symbolises a youthful, casual lifestyle.

The DrumAnalysis and views on the issues of the day

Vote Now Poll: Looking at the CSIRO state of the climate report:

Tony Abbott: Company tax muddle

Then take away the tax cut you first thought of...

Company tax cuts have become another of the Coalition's imponderables. But in the past week, Mr Abbott has finally completed his collection of positions on the issue. >more

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott with buskers during the Tamworth Country Music Festival (AAP: Tracey Nearmy, file photo)

The Coalition must up the anti

A lost and doldrum-bound Coalition can't make a convincing case for government, and no ad campaign, no spinners can convince us otherwise. >more


Remote at the top: strange days in our universities

There seems little doubt that University leaders have become totally remote from the people they should understand, represent and be attuned to >more

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Dance Academy

Dance Academy

It's a rollercoaster year for Tara Webster and her friends at the National Academy as they begin Second Year. Dance Academy series 2 screens Monday to Thursday, 6.30pm on ABC3. >more 'Dance Academy'

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Grandstand Sport

Tight bowling fires Australia to win over Windies

Australia's bowlers delivered a 64-run win over the West Indies in the opening one-day international in St Vincent on Saturday (AEDT). >more 'Tight bowling fires Australia to win over Windies'

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Health  Science

Mother with her daugher at the beach

Feedback may control mother's baby talk

Infant speech Babies are controlling the way their mothers speak to them, according to a new Australian study.> more 'Feedback may control mother's baby talk'

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ABC Open

Lucy woodchopper

The family that woodchops together

Lucy Backhouse is a 13 year old girl. She's also the NSW junior woodchopping champion. Lucy gave up dancing to become a woodchopper, and she's so good she beats her older brothers.>more 'The family that woodchops together'

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anatomy tissue alethea jones

Living artwork euthanised

In 2008 two bio-artists made headlines when their artwork had to be euthanized. Director Alethea Jones follows the artists as they grow their final 'Victimless Leather' jacket. Anatomy - Tissue 10pm Tuesday ABC1.>more 'Living artwork euthanised'

New iPad 3 review

It's hot - literally. But should you get one?>more 'New iPad 3 review'

Speaking for the silent

How can Catholics make their case on moral issues - like gay marriage - clearly, compellingly, in an increasingly hostile and overly simplistic media? Austen Ivereigh on the Catholic voice and the common good.>more 'Speaking for the silent'

Interactive sea-levels

With the release of the latest report from the CSIRO and the BoM, the ABC has taken some of the sea level rise data and created an interactive graph.>more 'Interactive sea-levels'

Short shrift in entertainment

Short shrift in entertainment

Golden Globe winner Peter Dinklage reveals more than just his acting ability.>more 'Short shrift in entertainment'

Technology Explained

New trends, tips and how-tos

Emerging trends and new ways to watch, listen and be online. Not just for beginners!>more 'New trends, tips and how-tos'

Big Ideas

Big Ideas

The most exciting talks and debates from Australia and the world>more 'Big Ideas'

The Big Diary

What's on where you are

An independent listing of of events across Australia. Browse, search or set your location to see what's happening in your area.>more 'What's on where you are'

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