You are invited to explore our projects. They each showcase a special selection of material from the ABC's archives.


Pool ABC Open Archives

ABC Pool is a social media site where you can share and engage with creative work and collaborate with the people who make it. It’s a place to upload images, text, audio, and video. Anyone, any age, anywhere can contribute to Pool. In an exciting ABC first, Pool is releasing some ABC archive items for re-use by the public under Creative Commons Licences.


Flickr ABC Open Archives

Explore and share photos from the ABC’s archives. Here you will find a selection of fascinating photographic images, covering topics such as the ABC’s broadcasting history from as early as 1937 through to the early eighties and royal tours to Australia during the fifties and sixties. This collection of images has been released by the ABC for re-use by the by the public under Creative Commons Licences.

ABC Learn Video Library

ABC Learn Video Library

The ABC Learn Video Library has a range of archival clips available for teachers, parents and students that are linked directly to the Australian curriculum. You can browse the archival video collections by theme, subject, year or keywords. These archival clips have been specially selected by the ABC in collaboration with Educations Services Australia to provide resources for use in the classroom and at home. This collection of archival and contemporary material will be built up over the next few years as the ABC Learn portal expands.

75 Years

75 Years

The ABC has grown remarkably since July 1, 1932. Here you will find a snapshot of the ABC’s achievement – a review of some of the critical moments in the history of the ABC. You will find things to listen to, to watch and to read that will show the ABC’s contribution to Australian life, looking back from our 75th anniversary in 2007.