• Tissue - a short film by Alethea Jones - episode two Anatomy series three
  • Leonard Bernstein's Mass at the 2012 Adelaide Festival
  • Artscape: Anatomy Series Three - HAIR, TISSUE, NERVE - starts TUESDAY 13 MARCH, 10.00PM on ABC1
  • Interviews with the directors and series producer of Anatomy
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Artscape: The First Interview
February 8, 2012
Artscape - Ben Quilty and the Maggots
November 30, 2011

  • Meet Australia's worst artist - Ben Butcher  
  • Winning an art prize should be good for career. But what happens when you are crowned Australia's worst artist? In 2010 Ben Butcher was bestowed the title of Australia's worst artist when he won the Itchiball Prize for Bad Art.

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