RN Lifematters excess (Image: Think stock)

Coping with excess

Managing over-indulgence is now a growing industry in the US.

Ambo athletes

Ambo athletes (Candice Marshall)

A team of paramedics are off to the US to represent Australia in the Paramedic Olympic Games.

Downside of desirability

Fruit flies mating (ABC Science - Megan Higgie and Anna Van Homrigh)

There may be an evolutionary cost associated with being highly attractive to the opposite sex.

Sensory integration therapy

Sensory integration therapy (Thinkstock)

Occupational therapist Diana Henry specialises in practical exercises to help children with autism and ADD.

Foolish investment

Motley Fool (Thinkstock)

Online financial advice service The Motley Fool has expanded its business into Australia.

Indigenous officers

Indigenous officers (ABC News - The 7.30 Report)

A NSW police program encourages Aboriginal Australians to consider a career in the force.

Wild weather (User submitted: John Scislowski)

Aggravated weather

The link between climate change and intensifying extreme rain events has been verified.

Salma in the square

Salma el Tarzi (ABC News - Foreign Correspondent)

A portrait of the revolution in Egypt and the personal journey of one extraordinary participant.

Big red sandpit

Mock Mars mission (ABC News)

An elaborate simulation tests whether human beings could cope with a mission to Mars.

A Flare for apps

Flare for apps (iTunes)

Three friends from the Blue Mountains created an app that allows you to mix and scratch like a real DJ.

On your bike

On your bike (ABC TV: Australian Story)

Doug Sunderland became a social networking phenomenon after embarking on an epic solo bike ride.

The New Arab Journalist

Protesters in Egypt (ABC News - Correspondents Report)

Journalism in the Middle East has undergone a significant change since the launch of Al Jazeera.

Tabloid territory

Northern Territory News headline - Biggest croc ever? (ABC TV - The 7.30 Report)

Although it is in the news business, Northern Territory News doesn't have to be boring, says Editor Julian Ricci.

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