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3D Flash Documentary

ANZAC Landing in 3D
Many of us know something of the story of Gallipoli, celebrated every ANZAC day. The WW1 landings and the ensuing eight month campaign are landmark events in Australian military and social history. Use a timeline to explore a 3D Map of the Gallipoli peninsula, or play the story of the day in chapters.

Campaign Overview
Understand how the events of 25 April 1915 relate to the broader context of the Gallipoli Campaign.

Gallipoli: The First Day brings a completely new perspective and understanding to the extraordinary events of the first hours of the campaign. Learn about key Ottoman and British soldiers as well as ANZAC diggers.

Military Hardware
World War One artillery and vessels played an important part in the outcome of the battle on the first day.

Narrowband Content

Google Earth
Those with less bandwidth can use Google Earth to experience the key events of the day, geo-located on the modern Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey.
Explore Gallipoli in Google Earth

Historical Analysis
Troop movements and the significance of crucial events as they played out on the battlefield.
Read Historical Analysis

About The Project
How the project was created in a Flash/Flex environment, the experts involved and the ABC team.
Read about the project

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