Behind the News

ABC News - Behind the News

Introducing school age children to the world of News. Behind the News also provides education resources to teachers via our Teacher page updated weekly by the BtN Education Advisor.

Currently on Holidays, however we have 3 years of video archives that you can explore in the meantime.
We will return to air on February the 8th.

ABC Radio National - EdPod

ABC Radio National - EdPod

EdPod presents a mix of education stories, from early childhood to the end of secondary school. It's a jargon-free look at the experience of educators, researchers, parents and students.

EdPod examines new education ideas from the classroom to the staff room and on to the home.

ABC Teachers' Resources Pilot

ABC Teachers' Resources Pilot (Beta)

This website maps ABC content to the secondary science curriculum in NSW and the proposed national curriculum. You can search for audio, video and online resources by subject, year and keyword. A great resource for secondary science teachers.

Gallipoli: The First Day

Gallipoli: The First Day

An ABC 3D documentary site about the WW1 ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, on 25 April 1915.

The website is an engaging and immersive way to look at one of the most commemorated events in Australian history. It was the winner of the inaugural AFI Award for Innovation in Screen Content 2009.

ABC Schools TV

ABC Schools TV

ABC Schools TV broadcasts programs suitable for students from a lower primary to an upper secondary school audience and includes teacher resources.

ABC & Education Services Australia Pilot

ABC/Education Services Australia Pilot

Find video clips to use in the classroom on the topics of Indonesian history and the environment. These clips are free for educational use and available to download. This is part of a pilot project between the ABC and Education Services Australia to make video content available which supports the proposed national curriculum.

Education Services Australian Pilot

Welcome to ABC Learn, the ABC's Education Gateway

ABC Learn is your gateway to the ABC’s key educational websites and email newsletters.

The ABC produces specific programs and services for schools and further education, like ABC Schools TV aimed at a lower primary to an upper secondary school audiences and Behind the News aimed at introducing school students to the world of news.

Also, some ABC programs that aren’t directly aimed at schools may be useful for education.

The ABC is currently undertaking a review of how it connects with students, teachers and parents.

In the near future ABC Learn will be home to trials of new services that aim to provide better targeted and more convenient access to the ABC’s educational material found outside of our specific education-related programs.

If you would like to take part in these trials, please bookmark this page. Alternatively subscribe to the Learn Updates email newsletter and we will keep you informed about the site’s latest developments.