Tuesday 22 February 2011
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LifeLong Learning

For more Lifelong Learning Sites please visit the Radio National Lifelong Learning Homepage here.

  • Carving Out
    What kind of future do Pacific Islanders want, and how are they working to get there?

  • E-Biz
    E-commerce is being touted by many as the way of the future for business. Businesses are being told to "get online" if they don't want to "get behind". While big business may have the all necessary infrastructure in place to make such a transition, how do small businesses, often with limited resources, deal with this new revolution?

  • In The Pipeline
    With the convergence of our TV's, radios, phones and computers, the digital evolution is here. Find out what it will mean in this 13 part radio series.

  • Lines Of Communication
    One of the powerful global forces of our time is communication. The movement towards an interconnected global culture has been called a 'revolution' no less. Alongside finance and tourism, the communication industry looms as a symbol of progress and hope in the post-industrial landscape.

  • Money, Markets And The Economy
    Making sense of our economic world. A radio and online project.

  • The Good Citizen
    Interest in our version of liberal democracy has increased in recent years. As the Constitutional Convention confirmed, Australians are prepared for robust debate about their system of democracy and the institutions which uphold it.

  • Wish You Were Here
    Wish You Were Here: Australian Tourism Studies takes a wide perspective: from history to environmental impact; from workers rights to regional development; from the 'spectacle' to Island resorts. It will take listeners 'on-site' to some of Australia's leading tourist destinations, presenting focused case-studies of the local industry.

  • Writers On Writing
    The series will provide an introduction to the the craft of writing for both beginners and those with some experience, and a fascinating insight into the creative process of practitioners which should prove compelling for all viewers interested in writers and writing.

  • OzFossils a look at the Australian Megafauna.

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