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Schools TV

Schools Television

For more Schools TV Sites please visit the The ABC Schools Television Service home page here.

  • Aventuras Vascas
    Provides material for improving listening skills and knowledge of contemporary Spanish life and language.

  • Behind the News
    A news and current affairs program for students.

  • Behind The News Specials
    Compilations of Behind the News stories.

  • Count Us In
    Each program explores a particular area of mathematics with a strong emphasis on mathematical language and encouraging estimation and self-correction.

  • Famous Australians
    Everyone needs a hero, and this series of five-minute profiles on notable and interesting Australians aims to inspire children with the lives of people who have taken risks, followed their dream or reached for the stars.

  • Lab Notes
    It's designed as a companion site to The Lab, the main Science Online site.

  • Many Nations - One People
    This eight part series is an introduction to Aboriginal culture and society for upper primary and lower Secondary school students.

  • Numbers Count
    With a focus on numbers and numeracy this program consists of a series of segments depicting real world contexts in which mathematics is relevant, accessible and fun.

  • Oceans Alive
    Illustrates the relationships among marine life and looks into the biology of the sea and the behaviour of marine organisms.

  • Our Animals
    Looks at Australian animals, their physical features, food, home and environment and social groups.

  • Vital Systems
    Looks at the major systems of the human body: muscular, skeletal, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, urinary and immune system.

  • Water Works
    Examines the role and nature of water

  • OzFossils a look at the Australian Megafauna.

    Radio National's Lifelong Learning

    Nexus is about connecting people and ideas.

    The threat of salinity, origins to forecasts

    Behind the News