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Person in bookshop with shelves full of colourful books.

Booksellers complain that Australian publishers who set prices have been too slow to respond to the slump in sales.

Internet spells the death of bookstores Photo

By Peter Lloyd

Posted February 18, 2011 00:18:00

Book giants Borders and Angus & Robertson are not the only ones in trouble, with the internet sucking the life from many independent bookstores around Australia.

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Apple admits China factory workers poisoned Audio Photo

Technology giant Apple has admitted that some of its workers in China have been poisoned and that many are regularly working in unsafe conditions.

Tags: electronics, manufacturing, workplace-accidents, china

Honda recalling 700,000 cars

Japanese car maker Honda is recalling nearly 700,000 vehicles around the world due to defective engine parts.

Tags: business-economics-and-finance, industry, automotive, safety, japan

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