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Welcome to the town of SpeedKills

Posted February 18, 2011 08:00:00

A tiny town in Victoria's north-west will be renamed SpeedKills, as part of a campaign to cut the road toll.

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Obamas to stay with Queen at Buckingham Palace

Posted February 18, 2011 07:42:00

US president Barack Obama will make a state visit to Britain in May at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace said on Thursday.

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JFK bomb plotter handed life sentence

Posted February 18, 2011 07:39:00 | Updated February 18, 2011 07:38:00

A US judge has sentenced an Islamist militant to life in prison after a jury found him guilty of participating in a plot to bomb New York's John F Kennedy International Airport.

Tags: terrorism, united-states

Guantanamo Bay closure very unlikely: Gates

Posted February 18, 2011 07:31:00

US defence secretary Robert Gates says prospects for closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp are "very, very low" because of broad opposition in the US Congress.

Tags: world-politics, unrest-conflict-and-war, terrorism, cuba, united-states

Iraqis vent anger in deadly protests

Posted February 18, 2011 07:31:00

Two people died and 47 were wounded during an anti-government protest in the northern Iraqi city of Sulaimaniya, as prime minister Nouri al-Maliki called for demonstrations to be kept peaceful.

Tags: world-politics, unrest-conflict-and-war, terrorism, iraq

Six die in Libyan 'Day of Anger'

Posted February 18, 2011 07:05:00

Six people were killed in the Libyan city of Benghazi as Moamar Gadaffi's regime sought to overshadow an opposition "Day of Anger" with its own rally in the capital Tripoli.

Tags: world-politics, unrest-conflict-and-war, libya

Joyce watching his back amid cabinet leaks Photo

Posted February 18, 2011 06:57:00

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce says recent leaks from within shadow cabinet could undermine confidence within the Coalition.

Tags: government-and-politics, federal-government, liberal-party, nationals, australia

Deposed Tunisian president 'in a coma'

Posted February 18, 2011 06:49:00

There are reports that Tunisia's deposed president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, is in a coma in a Saudi Arabian hospital after suffering a stroke.

Tags: world-politics, saudi-arabia, tunisia

Australian killed in Vietnam sinking Video Photo

Posted February 18, 2011 06:48:00

Authorities in Vietnam have confirmed that an Australian man was killed when a tourist boat sank in Halong Bay yesterday.

Tags: disasters-and-accidents, accidents, maritime-accidents, vietnam

Skippers in rickshaws open World Cup Photo

Posted February 18, 2011 06:47:00 | Updated February 18, 2011 07:09:00

Australian skipper Ricky Ponting and his 13 international counterparts entered in brightly coloured rickshaws to mark the opening ceremony of the ICC World Cup overnight.

Tags: sport, cricket, australia, bangladesh, india, south-africa

Kyrgyzstan names mountain after Putin

Posted February 18, 2011 06:46:00

Kyrgyzstan's parliament has voted to name one of the country's mountains after Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin.

Tags: world-politics, human-interest, kyrgyzstan, russian-federation

ADF probes prisoner mistreatment claim Photo

Posted February 18, 2011 06:43:00

Defence Minister Stephen Smith says the Australian Defence Force is investigating the treatment of detainees at its prisoner screening facility in Afghanistan.

Tags: defence-forces, army, unrest-conflict-and-war, afghanistan, australia

Fourth Pharaonic treasure found

Posted February 18, 2011 03:40:00

Egyptian antiquities authorities have recovered a statue of the renegade Pharaoh Akhenaten that was stolen during the protests that brought down President Hosni Mubarak. This week Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass said thieves had broken into the Egyptian Museum on January 28 and taken eight treasures from the periods of Pharaohs Tutankhamun and Akhenaten but that three of them had been recovered. A statement from Mr Hawass' ministry said a protester had found the seven centimetre long limestone statue of Pharaoh Akhenaten lying on the ground outside the museum in central Cairo during the demonstrations. Mr Hawass - promoted to the level of minister of state in a cabinet reshuffle during Mr Mubarak's final days in office - is under fire from the archaeological community over the thefts. Egypt's Pharaonic sites and antiquities are a key attraction for tourists. Tourism receipts are one of Egypt's most important revenue earners. Akhenaten, who reigned about 1,350 BC, is famed for having tried to abandon the traditional Egyptian gods and introduce worship centered on the sun disk Aten.

Tags: community-and-society, history, unrest-conflict-and-war, egypt

Pakistan adjourns US immunity case

Posted February 18, 2011 03:15:00

A Pakistan court has put off ruling whether a US official accused of double murder has diplomatic immunity.

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Schoolgirl sexually assaulted on street

Posted February 18, 2011 01:23:00

Detectives in Melbourne are searching for a predator who indecently assaulted a schoolgirl and approached two others in bayside Mentone last Monday morning.

Tags: law-crime-and-justice, sexual-offences, australia, vic, melbourne-3000, mentone-3194

Teen's death in custody 'swept under the carpet'

Posted February 18, 2011 01:09:00

Aboriginal leaders have accused the Queensland Government and prison authorities of covering up the death in custody of an Aboriginal teenager in Brisbane last year.

Tags: community-and-society, indigenous, black-deaths-in-custody, law-crime-and-justice, prisons-and-punishment, australia, qld, brisbane-4000

Aussie dung beetles to help NZ out of the poo Audio Photo

Posted February 18, 2011 01:00:00

Farmers in New Zealand are eagerly awaiting an Australian onslaught of dung beetles that will help deal with its livestock dung problem.

Tags: rural, livestock, animals, invertebrates-insects-and-arachnids, australia, new-zealand

Army clamps down after deadly Bahrain riots Video Photo

Posted February 18, 2011 01:00:00 | Updated February 18, 2011 01:12:00

Bahrain's military deployed armoured vehicles in the centre of Manama and vowed to restore order after a violent police raid on protesters left four dead.

Tags: world-politics, unrest-conflict-and-war, bahrain

Case workers lose foster girl on Sydney trip Photo

Posted February 18, 2011 00:18:00 | Updated February 18, 2011 00:30:00

A weekend trip to Sydney for a group of foster children took a traumatic turn when an 11-year-old was left behind in public toilets at Circular Quay.

Tags: community-and-society, indigenous, welfare, children, carers, australia, nsw, redfern-2016, sydney-2000

Internet spells the death of bookstores Photo

Posted February 18, 2011 00:18:00

Book giants Borders and Angus & Robertson are not the only ones in trouble, with the internet sucking the life from many independent bookstores around Australia.

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Solar flare to jam Earth's communications Photo

Posted February 17, 2011 22:35:00 | Updated February 17, 2011 23:02:00

A powerful solar eruption that has disturbed radio communications in China could disrupt electrical power grids and satellites on Earth.

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Honda recalling 700,000 cars

Posted February 17, 2011 21:48:00

Japanese car maker Honda is recalling nearly 700,000 vehicles around the world due to defective engine parts.

Tags: business-economics-and-finance, industry, automotive, safety, japan

Boat captain watches as sharks kill diver Video Photo

Posted February 17, 2011 21:48:00 | Updated February 18, 2011 07:45:00

The skipper of an abalone fishing boat watched in horror as one of his divers was taken by two great white sharks off South Australia's Eyre Peninsula late yesterday.

Tags: disasters-and-accidents, accidents, maritime-accidents, animal-attacks, shark-attacks, australia, sa, coffin-bay-5607

Apple admits China factory workers poisoned

Posted February 17, 2011 20:30:00

Technology giant Apple has admitted that some of its workers in China have been poisoned and that many are regularly working in unsafe conditions.

Tags: electronics, manufacturing, workplace-accidents, china

Staff stood down over toilet miscarriage

Posted February 17, 2011 20:29:00

Frankston Hospital has stood down two staff members after a woman had a miscarriage in a toilet cubicle while waiting in the emergency department.

Tags: health, healthcare-facilities, reproduction-and-contraception, pregnancy-and-childbirth, australia, vic, frankston-3199