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Life at...

2 February 2012
The LIFE series aims to unlock the secrets of child development to find out what gives a child the best chance at life. As these 11 young Australians grow up we'll witness their lives, we'll test their progress and discover what makes us who we are. Join us for the beginning of an extraordinary and groundbreaking journey. ABC1 shows Life at 5 at 8:30pm Tuesday 22 February 2011

Ovarian cancer

18 February 2011
February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. And while ovarian cancer is often called a silent killer, most women diagnosed with the disease do experience symptoms - it's just they don't link them to cancer.

Fact Buster: Can you catch whooping cough if you've been vaccinated?

16 February 2011
The best way to protect yourself against whooping cough is to be vaccinated, and ensure your vaccinations are up to date. But there are a small number of people who can still catch the disease.

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