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Lisa Lehmann 16 Mar 2012

Not being able to speak has nothing to do with how much you have to say, writes Lisa Lehmann. More

Marlena Katene 15 Mar 2012

People using facilitated communication must be supported, not scrutinised, writes Marlena Katene. More

Michael Brull 7 Mar 2012

Public campaigns of outrage do not take offence on behalf of minority groups. They take place on behalf of soldiers, white men and white kids. More

The Angry Cripple 7 Mar 2012

The building codes that apply to our built environment are ineffective because there are simply no consequences for ignoring them, writes Tom Bridge. More

Michael Lockrey 2 Mar 2012

The Broadcasting Services Act must be amended to ensure quality of closed captions on Australian television, writes Michael Lockrey. More

Chris Mikul 29 Feb 2012

Audio description will mean big things for people who are blind or vision impaired, but will it last beyond the 13 week trial? More

Robyn Gaile 27 Feb 2012

Senator Stephen Conroy last week announced that ABC1 will trial audio description in 2012, giving people who are blind or vision impaired access to something most of us take for granted. More

Todd Winther 24 Feb 2012

The winners of the little gold statues at the 84th Annual Academy Awards this Sunday will come as no surprise, writes Todd Winther. More

Senator Mitch Fifield 20 Feb 2012

The fast-approaching May Budget will tell us how committed the Gillard Government really is to the NDIS, writes Senator Mitch Fifield. More

Sam Drummond 16 Feb 2012

Conversations about short statured people in the media too often reveal society's underlying contempt and ignorance. Rosie O'Donnell and Chelsea Handler's discussion last week was no excepti… More

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