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  • Bligh receives Floods report

    Queensland councils feel vindicated by flood inquiry report

    Queensland's Floods Commission of Inquiry has called for three dam engineers to be further investigated and for development on the state's flood plains to be better managed.

    The commission has spent the past year looking at what caused the disasters which inundated 70 per cent of the state during the 2010-2011 summer and what could or should be done to prevent something of that scale happening again.

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    1. Fresh spuds Spud prices low

      Victoria's fresh potato growers say they're experiencing one of the longest periods of low prices in decades.

    2. Riverina Floods, Darlington Point, rice and river Flying over floods

      The outcome of inundation is a mixed tale of loss and lucky escapes.

    3. Swampy ground in Victoria after the storm has passed. Rural landscapes captured

      ABC Rural showing-off your farm landscape photography. Contribute yours!

    4. Rangers are taught how to safely catch dangerous snakes. Grab a snake

      NT Indigenous rangers face some pretty unusual occupational hazards from time to time.

    5. Warmun artist Rusty Peters with his grandsons Trayston and Kale Peters. Remembering the flood

      It's been a year since floods swept through the Indigenous community of Warmun.

    6. Goat sale Good goat demand

      Goats are proving a good alternative to chemicals for controlling farm weeds.

    7. Pears left to rot at a Cadell orchard Pear prices rotting

      Imagine growing a crop all year, than watching it rot on the ground because of low prices.

    8. Inner Strength

      Why do some country towns wither while others of a similar size thrive? It's a question that's bedevilled academics, civic leaders and rural politicians for decades. Is it a robust agricultural economy, geographic luck, popular tourist attractions, or committed community leaders? Today three towns, thriving for very different reasons, reveal the secret to community spirit, resilience and economic health.

    9. Flood water lifted fences post out of the ground, Murrumbidgee R, north Wagga Wagga Riverina fences destroyed

      Thousands of tonnes of water can twist and tangle fences. The repair job is endless.

    10. Dairy farmer Ian Lindsay hosting vistors for Farm Day. 'Farm Day' activism

      Annual 'Farm Day' event could be chance for city slickers to learn more about live exports

    11. Sheep on veranda of Andrew Irvine's home, by the Murrumbidgee River at Wagga Wagga during floods, 2012 Verandah-hugging sheep

      A mob of sheep sheltered from Murrumbidgee floodwaters for four days - on a verandah.

    12. Lynne Claesson in the dairy Teaching the fundamentals

      OPINION: Agriculture and food;the essense of life and community.

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Future landscapes - ABARES Outlook 2012 (ABC)

Future landscapes - ABARES Outlook 2012

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