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Nipples, tonsils and quantum computers

Dr Karl on triple j Why do some people have extra nipples and can men lactate? Plus: Do cola drinks soothe sore throats and tonsillitis?; and how do quantum computers work?

Pirate history thrown overboard

Great Moments in Science Much has been written about pirates of bygone times. So Dr Karl sorts the trash from the treasure for some myth-busting booty.

Comet-chasing spacecraft zooms in on target

StarStuff Podcast StarDust flies by comet Tempel 1. Plus: scientists find 33,000 new asteroids; and surprise discovery in Saturn moon's methane clouds.

Egypt: where to next? - triple j hack

After 30 years in power the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak has been ousted - and all it took was 18 days of protest.

Radiolab: Fate and fortune - Science Show

It’s a variation of the old nature versus environment argument. What controls the trajectory of our lives? Do we have control, or are we programmed from birth? It turns out that a 4-year-old’s ability to resist a marshmallow says something about that child’s future. And there could even be signs of future dementia in our handwriting. Some fascinating experiments and recent discoveries add to the contention in this second Radiolab from New York’s WNYC.

The Day My Mother’s Head Exploded - All In The Mind

In 1987, 46-year-old Nikki Palin’s head ‘exploded’, according to her daughter Hannah. After a ruptured aneurysm, Nikki’s personality radically changed and recovery was slow, but surprisingly Nikki likes her post-aneurysm self so much more! A before and after story that’ll make you grin...and sing.

ICT- a case of build it and they shall come? - RN Future Tense

There are lots of examples where information and communication technologies are being used as a tool for international development. But do we make a mistake if we think that ICT alone can solve all the developing world's problems?

The search for ancient infections. - Health Report

A follow-up to last week's Health Report, which covered the remarkable story of Tutankhamen as told through modern paleo-genetic techniques.

This week, Norman joins Dr Helen Donoghue on the search for ancient infections like malaria, tuberculosis, and leprosy.

Radiolab: Falling - Science Show

There’s more than one way to fall... we can fall asleep, fall in love, and fall flat on our face. This Radiolab presents stories about different ways of falling. We jump into a black hole, take a trip over Niagara Falls, look into the biology and physics of falling cats, and dip into some songs about falling. It’s science and it’s fun.

The mind in crisis: to debrief or not to debrief? - All In The Mind

Floods, fires, cyclones and the anniversary of Black Saturday. Psychological debriefing is a technique aimed at helping us process traumatic events, so the emotional scars can heal not harm. To some the approach is discredited, ineffective and may even do damage -- to others it can still have an important role. Beyond the controversy, where does the field stand today?

China, technology and US anxiety - RN Future Tense

Here's another reason for Americans to feel anxious! We're used to thinking of China as the world's factory but China's now moving into advanced technologies - like batteries and supercomputers. So what does this mean for the US China relationship?