The Nielsen poll showing Labor down to 13 seats in New South Wales - 13 out of 97 that is - and a two-party preferred vote of only 33, daunted my belief in Labor's inevitable victory for a minute.

That was until I looked at it more closely.

It's not as easy as it was a month ago, but Labor can still win the New South Wales state election. More


Asylum seekers arrive on Christmas Island Losing our way

How did Australia become a country that incarcerates nine-year-old orphaned boys? More


Rally in Hong Kong commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protest Tiananmen to Tahrir

With Egypt for recent inspiration, what is stopping the Chinese people from launching a new wave of protests? More


Canberra Class Amphibious Ship (LHD) Aamphibious capabilities

Many hands have been wrung in recent days over the disrepair of the navy's amphibious ships. More


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ABC Columnists

  1. Wurley all the way

    The last best hope for mainstream 'quality journalism' may prove a pipedream. More

  2. The audible whistler

    Has no-one explained to Scott Morrison the ground-rules for the use of a dog whistle? More

  3. Wasted chance

    Silvio Berlusconi must have begun to think himself untouchable. More

  4. The death of compassion

    Morrison and Abbott admitted they were wrong, but Bowen and Joyce continue to lack compassion. More

  5. Escaping Mexico

    The flow of US guns across the Mexican border is matched by a stream of drugs and people coming the other way. More

  6. Asset stripping NSW

    A judicial inquiry into artial privatisation of the NSW electricity industry appears inevitable. More

  7. Notes from parallel universes

    Asylum seekers were flown to Sydney for today's funerals of people killed in the shipwreck. From there it's a matter of perspective. More

  8. Liberal grievance

    Gillard has been buoyed by a flood of Liberal grievance. More

  9. Reading Rumsfeld

    Let me share an encounter with Donald Rumsfeld that still causes me to cringe. More

  10. Feelings of democracy

    The Egyptian people have opened up an entirely new political space. More

  11. Media's iPad challenge

    Two new approaches to making money from web journalism are unlikely to succeed. More

  12. Figments of the web

    For Tea Party activists it's all about the net - you can get away with whatever you say. More

  13. Footballing destiny

    The Socceroos have a chance to fulfil the base instinct of sportsmen: Win something. More

  14. New Year, same politics?

    If you liked political year 2010, you'll love 2011. More

Business Analysis

New agreement a healthy way to run the system

The health deal agreed yesterday is almost entirely good and should be used as a template for everything else states do, including education and public transport. More



Digital media's Dickensian sweatshop

Two new approaches to making money from journalism over the internet - Rupert Murdoch's iPad app The Daily and Demand Media's tech-heavy attempt at predicting what we want to read - are equally unlikely to succeed. More



A recovery fund worth dwelling on

The NDRRA is worth dwelling on. It is an extraordinarily bureaucratic set of guidelines and determinations for passing Commonwealth disaster "insurance" money to the states. More



You Said It

I think the book stores will go first, and then thanks to devices such as the Amazon Kindle books themselves will begin to disappear. I think it is a sad thing that technology is finally pushing out something that has been a part of the lives of billions of people for thousands of years.

BookLover, on the death of book stores (via story comment)

I think politics in Australia is now led by the media, this is beyond a joke, it's point scoring every time someone says anything.

Trump, on calls for Scott Morrison's sacking (via story comment)

His comeback was dogged by people who continually made unfounded accusations he was a drug cheat. I don't think he can be judged harshly for not holding them in the greatest light.

Rhonda, on Lance Armstrong's legacy (via story comment)

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  1. Wednesday 16 Feb 2011

    Curveball - WMD lies

    The crucial Iraqi defector explains why he lied about Saddam's capability.

  2. Tuesday 15 Feb 2011

    Noam Chomsky

    How climate change became a 'Liberal Hoax'.

  3. Friday 11 Feb 2011

    Clarke and Dawe

    Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader, currently.

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A police boat sits next to the submerged tourist boat that sunk in Halong Bay

A police boat sits next to the submerged tourist boat that sunk in Halong Bay in the north-east Vietnam province of Quang Ninh on February 17, 2011. Twelve people, most of them foreign tourists, died when the tour boat suddenly sank while they slept. (Ian Bolton)

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