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IQ2 Debate: We'd Be Better Off Without Our Armed Forces
Culture and Society

IQ2 Debate: We'd Be Better Off Without Our Armed Forces

Are our Armed Forces a bunch of decent blokes, who travel to foreign places as peacekeepers and protectors of our ‘way of life’, or just a group of boys with dangerous toys participating in a redundant waste of taxpayers’ money? more...

Editor’s Pick

Law and Ethics

Assange Meets Ellsberg

At a forum late last year at London's Frontline Club, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange swapped stories with his seventies counterpart, Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971. more...

Tim Flannery Finds Hope

In his first major book since "The Weather Makers", Tim Flannery makes an argument for hope about our future "Here on Earth". Evolution teaches us humans are naturally co-operative beasts, he says, and will work to unite when the chips are down. more...

Joel Salatin: The Politics of Food

The man Time Magazine calls "the world's most innovative farmer" deconstructs the dominance of big agro business in food production and plots how we could feed the world with a non-industrial model which mimics nature. more...


Think Global, Eat Local

He calls himself a "Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist-lunatic-farmer". Time Magazine calls him "the world's most innovative farmer". Joel Salatin has a plan to feed the world...sustainably. more...

Coming Up

Big Ideas bring you an IQ2 Debate on the topic "We'd be better off without our armed forces", Lord Puttnam and Mark Scott discuss the future of public broadcasting in the digital landscape and much more.



RiAus: A Nuclear Future?

A European academic and two Australian energy experts discuss why there is no real nuclear debate in Australia. Is "going nuclear" the only viable low-carbon choice we have? more...

Being John Malkovich

From tips on the art of seduction to growing up Croatian in smalltown America, playing Cassanova and the cad in "Dangerous Liasons", plus his urgent need to keep trying things he hasn't tried opera! more...
Culture and Society

Julian Burnside on Freedom of Expression

Recent anxiety about terrorism is a reminder of the importance of the freedom to speak and the freedom to hold unpopular opinions, according to Julian Burnside, barrister and human rights advocate. more...

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